How it Begins?

Our story begins in 1994 in Paris with the Covertec brand.
The Covertec’s founder, early adopter and coming from luxury industry, receives the first personal electronic oganizer. He decides to protect it from wear of daily use. The 1st Covertec leather case range is born in 1995. By creating a case line for these new electronic devices, Covertec brings the worlds of traditional leatherworking and high technology together. Specialized department stores support the project.
In 2010, Covertec is well introduced all over Europe through a successful distributor network that provide quality products and services to leading chain stores and specialized retailers. Covertec has also consolidated its retailer network in USA, Canada, Russia, and Asia.
There has been a giant leap in the flied of technological products. Covertec has kept up with the pace by offering a world of innovative products and accessories designed for the mobile technology.

WEXLEY, Our New Project

Wexley is a new brand created by the Covertec team. Frequently traveling around the world, we know well the frenetic pace that characterizes each big city, and it is over the course of our journeys that the idea of a smart backpack begins to crystalize.

Inspired by the city, we develop protective and travel products that are functional, stylish and well-made. Our products are inspired by the lifestyle and they offer a unique experience to their users. Every product has been deeply considered to help you get the best of life’s moments.

As we look back, we remain committed to the principles that afforded us the opportunity that remains in our sights today.

Our goal is to create functional, durable, high-quality bags and accessories that meet the demands of the city.

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